If someone offered you $10M today, but the catch is “You have to die right now,” you probably would say “No Way”. Many others will agree and say the same. In 2018, studies showed that Business owners are finding themselves spending twice as much time inside of their business without seeing any returns on their investments. In reality, there is no such thing as investing time. We just agreed that our time is worth more than $10M because we want to live. The question is, what are you living for; to chase money that we just turned down? The truth is time is the only thing that we can not get back. Those earlier study showed that the top reason entrepreneurs fail is because they do not get the value for the time they put into their business. Business owners account for the marketing, personnel, technology, and the equipment costs, but we never account for the value of our time. We may be spending $100 worth of time monthly on a $100 per month customer. After expenses, this will put you in the red. This is why we are here to help. Our goal is to assist you in saving 90 percent of your time so you can control the inside of your business from the outside. It is easier to control from the outside looking in.

How Can We Help You?

Business Automation Setup & Management

We will professionally build, manage, and maintain your fully automated business systems from all of the apps needed to run your business. All of this while making monthly improvements for you. or we can manage your mailer response system without the need to register for any software. We setup everything, and make changes to save you money and time. When you say you are tired of mailing, We Automate that.

Automation Templates and Tutorials for Setup

For those that do not want their systems built out professionally, we have an option to download the template and tutorials for your setup. If you need emails that will nurture your clients for the step of the program they are in, this is for you. The templates will be sent directly to you with the setup instructions on plugging them in. Snap it, drag your logos, then go. This saves over months of trying to create new content.

Ready to go Workflow Templates

Some business owners don’t have the time to link their systems with a template. Some would rather get them professionally installed. With this option, we will install, then turn them over to you ready to go. This will also come with instructions on how we got the systems running so you do not have to get stuck trying to figure it out on your own if it breaks. Businesses choose this when they are operating to avoid a delay during setup.

Client Nurturing to Reduce Calls

We have all of the miscellaneous automation that most people forget. You can have referrals automatically added to your system if you just asked your clients from time to time. Are your clients happy with the program? We build you a system that will ensure you know how your clients feel at all times. This is where businesses win. They learn their clients, then change their business to feed the needs of their clients. We build this for you.


Our Active Experience:

100+ Ongoing Project Options

Over 200 Completed Projects

200K + Hours of Labor Saved

$10M + Savings For Our Clients

Get Paid For Sharing Us!

We pay a hefty commission on all referred customers to us. Get paid up to 20% of all monthly recurring payments for customers you refer to us that needs monthly maintenance services. Get paid up to $50 for every customer that needs professional installation, and get paid up to $50 for every template download. Ask us how you can get started making money with us. Restrictions apply. 

Pricing Plans

CRM Automation Management
  • Install Email Lists & Campaigns Mailing Lists Setup We setup your email and customer communications system for you without the need to purchase connection tools, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, or Any of that. This is your Email CRM with your Lead, Client Nurture, Support Nurture, and Ongoing Flows and Campaigns. You can reduce the need for a support employee and directly save thousands monthly by allowing us to manage your systems so you can push one button to get the job done.
  • Manage Automated Communication Maintain Efficient Flowcharts Our job is to ensure you are only pushing buttons instead of typing emails. The goal is to cut down on 90 percent of your time by improving your systems instead of spinning wheels and man hours doing what your system can do. Need to schedule a follow up call? Send the emails with updates? Ask a client to send info? We can build it in so you spend 5 seconds vs 30 mins.
  • No Up-charge For Email CRM You only pay as you grow We wont charge you for customers you don't need to pay for. If you do not have them in your system, you do not need to pay for them. Once you grow, you only pay for your growth, not your potential growth. No one will be able to match our prices.
  • Weekly Progress Reports Weekly Message Report We will send you a report of how many new contacts added, how many people were purged from your list, How many new automated flows were added, and more.
  • Technical Support We have a Technical Support Ticket System Email support@automatemyflow with any Ticket Concerns you have, and we will get it addressed within 24 hours during Business Hours. Dedicated Telephone Support Account Managers are Assigned to The Full Systems Automation Clients.
Subscribe Monthly
$697 Setup, and $297 Monthly
Pay Annual (Save $594)
Full Automation Management
  • Setup All of Your Systems We make your Systems Talk We setup your systems for you without the need to purchase connection tools. There is no need for a Zapier Account. We will furnish your Scheduler, Email CRM, Message Credits, and Other items as needed
  • Unclog Your Systems for Efficiency We Find Whats Slowing You Down Our goal is to look into your system to see what's slowing it down. This allows you to see where most of your time is being spent so you can reduce it to add in places where needed.
  • Only Need Credit Software We Can Setup The Rest We can help get the rest setup and managed for you. We know it is a headache to sign up for 10 different things needed to run your business. This is why we will handle this for you, and include this in your monthly package. As your customers grow, you can increase your package as you grow. This will prevent you from paying for things you do not need.
  • Weekly Reports Sent to You Delivered right to your email We will send you a report of how many new contacts added, how many people were purged from your list, How many new automated flows were added, and more.
  • No Zapier Required Why pay or work when you hired us to do it? No Zapier account is required. You just put in a request to have us connect your system, and we get the job done. This will allow you to delegate those tasks that have been bothering you the most.
Subscribe Monthly
$897 Setup, and $397 Monthly
Pay Annual (Save $794)
Pro Template Installation
  • We Install The Purchased Bundle We Plug Them Right In For You Since these are time consuming, we have a pretty efficient system in getting them plugged in correctly. This saves you the time and the headache from the wrong emails going out to your clients. We do it for you and turn them over ready to go.
  • Must Be Our Pre-Built Bundles We have Amazing Bundles At this time, we only have installation options available for the template bundles we have available right now. Don't worry! our bundles are amazing proven content. A bundle is a template Stack.
  • Tutorial Videos Included Video Tutorial Folder You will be able to view the video tutorials to learn how to use your system that was installed for you. This makes it easy to go along with
  • Easy to Edit and Make Changes Drag and Drop Changes Making changes to the content after installed is easier than ever. You will be able to drag and drop logos, content, and other things to your systems by the push of a few buttons. This helps save you time.
  • Fast Turnaround Time 3 Business Days Most installation Bundles are Done within 72 Hours during business days. You must have all credentials turned in to install for you.
Purchase Installation(s)
$397 Per Bundle Installation
Install all 3 Bundles ($997)

The Add-Ons

Lead Bundle
  • Lead Drip Email Campaign Drips and Segmenting Separate Real Estate Leads from Dealership Leads, and Word of Mouth leads by getting custom email templates for each situation. This makes the client feel you are talking directly to them. The personal approach makes it better to close the deal
  • Free Landing Page Included Build a Pipeline This is the quickest way to gain leads. Clients will enter for the free book, and the content from the book will drip to them with the option to book an appointment directly with you.
  • Email and Text Campaign Converse by All Means The Email and Text Drip campaigns ensure that you reach the client by all avenues. Based on their age, demographics, and location, you may miss out on the conversion due to reaching them on the wrong platform. This helps fix this to assist in identifying the right client to close the deal faster.
  • FREE ZAPIER SETUP BONUS: FREE ZAPIER SETUP Our Templates are great. What's better is all of our Template purchases come with a free setup of your accounts via Zapier. We plug your Software in to ensure it is talking to the other CRMs you are using. Others charge thousands for this. This is Free for us. When you furnish your credentials, our developers go in and have you set up really fast
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Nurture Bundle
  • Client Nurture Campaign Cliients Should Stay Informed The biggest reason clients leave is the lack of communication from the business. This campaign is great for those who spend too much time sending email updates, education emails, follow ups, and requests for documents. This is literally an assistant to you. What use to take 30 mins now can take 30 seconds. You will love this sequence.
  • Case Review Guide A Built Out "What is Going On" Flow The number 1 question clients get is "What is going on with my file?". The number 1 reason for cancellation is the lack of knowing what is going on with the file. This will prevent that with a step by step case review build out teaching the clients exactly what is going on, recommendation, hat they are paying for and what has been completed. Clients rest easy knowing that can see what step they are in at any given time.
  • Client Tracker Immediately Track What Stage Clients are In Can you locate a client that has been with you 4 months, without credit monitoring,, and missing a payment? That may be hard to sort out. Our system allows you to do that in less than 30 seconds. Why spend the time on figuring the experience when you can have the system plugged in?
  • FREE ZAPIER SETUP BONUS: FREE ZAPIER SETUP Our Templates are great. What's better is all of our Template purchases come with a free setup of your accounts via Zapier. We plug your Software in to ensure it is talking to the other CRMs you are using. Others charge thousands for this. This is Free for us. When you furnish your credentials, our developers go in and have you set up really fast
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Support Bundle
  • Status Notifications Their Status is Your Safety When their status changes, they should know where they are int he program. 1.) You have been processed, you have been onboarded, you have been placed on hold, you have been enrolled, and you have been cancelled, suspended, etc. The key to their happiness is following along step by step and knowing why their score is decreasing or increasing. This reduces the phone calls.
  • Situational Flows When Things Pop Up, You have it Handled Score increased 10,20,30, or more points? Items deleted? Missing monitoring, High usage? When information changes on your client's profile, you need to inform them every step of the way what is going on. This will allow you to keep them in the loop without them having to worry. When clients know what they are paying for, they stay.
  • Referral Automation Flow Your Money Is In Your Customer The biggest problem is not having a system built for your clients who appreciate you. When you identify the clients that tag you in posts, you have to get them to work for you by getting the right communication to them which motivates them to build with you. This Flow is perfect to ensure they are ready to help you grow with out you spending time aggravating you.
  • FREE ZAPIER SETUP BONUS: FREE ZAPIER SETUP The biggest problem is not having a system built for your clients who appreciate you. When you identify the clients that tag you in posts, you have to get them to work for you by getting the right communication to them which motivates them to build with you. This Flow is perfect to ensure they are ready to help you grow with out you spending time aggravating you.
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Custom eBook
  • Custom Built For You Add 2 Steps. We Do the Rest Just fill in the Questionnaire, Checkout, and we will do the Rest. It is really that easy. This is the most important part of your lead campaign.
  • Fast Turn Around Time We return to you Fast As long as you get the information to us, you can be a Published Author with a Hard copy and eBook within 1 Week. This makes it easier for you to focus on the business while we give you the product to give away to collect leads.
  • Interactive Appointments Integrate Your Calendar You will be able to get appointment bookings directly from your eBook. This makes the job so easy for you.
  • 100 Day Email Drip Campaign Included 100 Day email drip campaign included When they download your eBook, the goal is to get them into your mailing list. Once they opt in, you will now be able to follow up on the delivery of the eBook with a 100 day Email Campaign
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Systems Management FAQs

Q1.) What is the difference between CRM management and Automation Management?

A.) The CRM management is where we manage your day to day business tasks within your Client CRM. We have our custom CRM powered by Active Campaign. You do not have to pay for Active Campaign or any Mailer with us. It is included in your package

The Automation Management is where we manage your whole systems and APIs. The good thing is you do not need to pay for Zapier, CRM, Scheduler, Text, or Call Software as it is included in our system, and built custom to your business.

Q2.) How Does The CRM Management Work?

A.) This program allows us to speed the process in your build out to ensure you have all of the campaigns used by the top companies in the Credit Repair Space. It is also built for you to better track your clients in the status they are in. Most people can not find their active client who has been with them for 6 months that has over 15 deletions. We build it so you can find and sort clients based on their status. There is nothing more important than having a handle on your customers. The management of the systems are here to help you save time. If you only had to push a button, or type a word instead of a paragraph, the time you gain will allow you to grow the business in your vision.

Q3.) How Does The Automation Management Work?

A.) This package allows us to constantly improve and streamline your processes. The benefit of this is you will have our team working as your systems management company so you can delegate the tasks or vision, and we get it done. By allowing 2 Hard changes and 10 soft changes monthly, you will now be able to keep your systems up to date while constantly improving them. Imagine saying “I want my clients to automatically get gift cards or thank you cards on their birthday” and we build that for you. This is the level of delegation every CEO needs. Once the platform is built for you, you can start making changes as needed as your business grows. This is perfect for companies with less than 5 employees. For the cost of 1 employee per week, you can get a system that can replace the overhead of 3 to 4 employees.

Q4.) Can I start out with one and Upgrade or Downgrade?

A.) You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime. If you upgrade, you only pay the difference of the Setup fee, and your monthly fee will increase on your monthly anniversary date. This is recommended to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Q5.) What if I have my own Zapier, CRM, Scheduler, and Other Software. Will you still be able to manage them?

A.) If you already have your system setup, we will be able to manage them. We recommend giving management access so the development team can gain access to update and improve your systems. This will not discount the monthly fee, so you may be paying double for the same system we help provide. Our system still allows you to buy Voice Broadcast Credits, Ringless Voice Drop Credits, and Text Credits When needed. It works better if we can manage this process without delays. The setup time is 30-45 days with building it out in your system. It takes less than 15 days if we build it out for you.

Installation FAQs

Q1.) How long does it take to install the templates if I purchased them?

A.) Installation usually takes 2-3 Days during business hours per campaign bundle. This is to ensure that the installation has been tested and corrected if there are any mistakes such as not having the right plan for the CRM that will allow proper installation. If the credentials are not properly turned over, it may delay the installation process.

Q2.) If I have my own emails, or if I purchased from someone else, can I get you to change them or correct them?

A.) At this time, we are currently not installing any third party bundles. Or templates have been tested and proven in multi million dollar companies in the space, so we continue to improve the content to ensure quality. Once you purchase our bundle template(s), you have the option to get a professional to install it for you at a seperate rate. This is charge differently, because once the Template bundles are delivered to you, they are yours and we can not take them back.

Q3.) Are the installation refundable once completed?

A.) Unfortunately, once the templates are delivered to you, we can not take them back. Therefore, they are non-refundable. If the professional installation has not started, you can cancel the installation for a full refund. You will get an email that will notify you of your projected installation start and end time. If you cancel before your projected installation time, you will not be able to cancel for a refund. If you have your own system, we build the installation in ours, then install into yours upon completion. This is to prevent being locked out due to password change while we are working on the installation.

Q4.) Can I purchase the Template, then purchase the installation later?

A.) Yes. This is why we sell them separately. Please note that we can not delete any campaigns in your system unless you are on a management plan. We do all installations as new campaigns instead of add-on to existing campaigns. This is to ensure the quality of our work is not altered. All installations must be within 60 days of purchase of templates

Q5.) How will I get the tutorials and documents sent to me?

A.) When you register, you will get an email sent to the address on file. Our support team will also reach out to you by phone by the next business day to ensure you got everything delivered properly to you. If not, please address any concerns during that call. Everything will be delivered to your email address that you registered with.